May 8, 2018
Updated: January 7, 2020

Why the Future of Sales and Marketing Success Hinges on Innovation

The world of sales and marketing technology is an exciting space to be in. The market has grown rapidly and over the past seven years we’ve helped our customers realize incredible benefits from aligning their sales and marketing efforts. With all the progress that’s been made, we’re excited about the future of this space, the innovations yet to be developed and the new ways technology will drive sales and marketing success.

Why the Sales and Marketing Space Matters

As sales and marketing functions have evolved into separate disciplines, it’s been difficult to maintain a collaborative relationship. But because the success of sales and marketing teams is so closely linked, alignment is crucial first step for any sales optimization efforts. At the end of the day, sales technology needs to make the buyer experience better. And to do that, companies need to invest in the tools to develop both their sales and marketing professionals.

What these sales and marketing success tools need to accomplish is no small feat. These platforms not only have to provide the same relevant and personalized experience across different devices, they must work for different verticals and use cases too. They need to be just as effective for inside sales as they are for field sales and effectively enable teams across industries – from construction to technology, manufacturing to medical devices.

Consolidation in Sales Technology

As the market continues to expand and we look to the future of the space, we’ve seen an increasing amount of consolidation. Large tech companies are integrating sales enablement solutions into their existing offerings and older players are getting acquired.

If anything, this is a testament to what we know. There’s a large appetite for innovation in the space and plenty of room for growth for those who can continuously deliver it. And companies, especially large enterprise, want to work with proven players that offer global scale, support and value. We’re proud of our ability to meet the needs of our 1,000+ customers, helping them reach GDPR compliance, providing fast time to value and world-class support as they scale.

The Best Buyer Experience Wins

An essential part of empowering today’s marketing and sales teams is our vision of the future: the best buyer experience wins. And we’re not alone in this thinking. According to Gartner, 89% of companies believe experience is going to be the next battleground.

From day one, Showpad was built with a focus on buyer experiences. We’ve launched features like Experiences and most recently Shared Spaces that showcase our ability to deliver on the demand for innovation in this market. This vision for the sales experience informs every decision, product update, and new launch we make and will continue to fuel our growth strategy for years to come.

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