February 1, 2019
Updated: May 28, 2020

Why the Showpad-Marketo Integration is Critical for SaaS Companies

Better understanding the buyer journey has always been a challenge for Marketers. Various tools in the marketing tech stack are designed to give a more holistic view of every touchpoint in the buyer journey. More specifically, the Showpad and Marketo integration is designed to help Marketing and Sales professionals see the full scope of the customer journey. These insights are especially valuable for proving content ROI, nurturing prospects, and creating personalized marketing campaigns.

The endgame of this platform integration is improving the bottom line through actionable insights. Marketo helps create a personalized experience that finds prospects, gets to know who they are, and keeps them engaged. But why is the Showpad and Marketo integration partnership specifically so critical for SaaS companies?

Showpad is the leading sales enablement platform for B2B sellers and empowers sales reps to find, share, and track marketing assets in ways that give buyers what they need and when they need it. Not only does the integration tailor the buyer experience according to the prospect, it also drives marketing automation results with Sales insights. For Marketers, the integration creates the power to use Showpad’s sales engagement insights to create a more complete picture of the buyer journey.

Here are three reasons why the Marketo platform integration is good for your business:


In order to create messages that lead directly to deals, digital marketers need insight into how Sales use marketing assets. This visibility creates data that reflects the impact of marketing content in the sales cycle throughout the buyer journey without the need for advanced BI tools.

For example, the Showpad-Marketo integration allows marketing content to live as links within Marketo email templates and campaigns. When a lead interacts with the content, Showpad tracks activity through each recipient of the share.

Showpad then syncs this data with Marketo so both Sales and Marketing have visibility into which marketing assets are most effective.


Visibility creates value. With visibility into content views and sharing behavior, SaaS sellers have valuable insights into the needs and interests of individual prospects.

By creating a powerful single view of the customer’s engagement with content throughout the buyer journey, the integration makes it easier for the Sales rep to partner with Marketing in an effort continuously refine messaging and automate touchpoints.


The most effective result of the Showpad-Marketo integration is a hyper-personalized buyer experience. This represents the next step when visibility recognizes value. When Marketing has reliable engagement data they can work with Sales to implement full pipeline campaigns that create stronger lead scoring, dynamic messaging, and smarter enablement.

With more insight in how content is helping Sales close deals, Marketing can deliver more effective content and higher quality leads that improve its contribution to the bottom line.  

Because of Marketo and Showpad working together, now organizations can make smarter decisions in shaping future campaigns through content that wins the day.

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