August 8, 2013
Updated: October 21, 2019

Why we are so excited about LearnCore

LearnCore is a learning platform that helps companies improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Almost 3 years ago when we started VLinks Media, we didn’t know what LearnCore was or what it was going to represent for our company. We did know, however, that we wanted to transform the learning process so people actually enjoyed the experience.  LearnCore is a product that we are extremely proud of because of how it was built, the value that it brings for our partners, and the potential growth it can bring to our company.

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VLinks Media was around for 2 years prior to even starting the planning of LearnCore. In that time, we were able to partner with the best professional education publishers, develop award-winning products for them, and build a team that’s passionate about helping people learn smarter and keeping our customers happy. Even with the accomplishments in the previous 2 years, the most important piece was learning and getting a great pulse on the market to understand what works and what doesn’t. So, even if LearnCore itself wasn’t being directly planned from the beginning, its foundation was already being built.

From the early days of VLinks, we knew we wanted to build something like LearnCore, but we didn’t want to design a product that we thought would work – we wanted to launch a product that we knew would add value to any company that used it. We learned from and worked directly with instructors on the science of education to make sure our methodologies were well founded. Just as crucially, we engaged with the companies and users who would actually be using the products to create an engaging experience and great interface. Taking the time to understand the market and our customers’ needs before development even started allowed us to steer all of our efforts towards building the most effective solution for our clients rather than what we thought they needed.

Once development began, our initial corporate partners continued to be involved in every step of the process. Fostering complete transparency during the development process allowed us to get better feedback and iterate quickly on their great ideas. We are fully convinced that the open dialogue with our partners made LearnCore a more valuable product for these companies and for the rest of the corporate training market.

Here are some of the properties of LearnCore that we are especially proud of:

Design – “If a car has the best engine, but looks terrible, no one will drive it.” Design is one of the most important aspects of LearnCore. The user interface, user experience, and intuitiveness were critiqued over and over until we thought it was perfect.  This is one of the biggest reasons we think people stay more engaged on LearnCore compared to other platforms.

Knowledge Sharing – Regardless of the size of the company, knowledge sharing is more than just rolling out global training initiatives from the top of an organization. As we see it, knowledge sharing is one of the most important types of training – it empowers every department and manager to document their unique, accumulated expertise and scale it out to their teams.

Flexibility – Working with legacy technologies and processes is always difficult, so LearnCore is designed to make it as easy as possible to plug in the platform and get started making your employees smarter and more productive right away. Companies can both leverage existing content and also integrate LearnCore as needed depending on the software the organization already uses. It can be the only learning tool that exists or work seamlessly with others already employed by a company.

We are not stopping here with LearnCore. This product is always going to get better, and we are going to listen to our partners as they use it more and more. LearnCore can help companies from start-up to fortune 100 across many different departments. We are excited about the growth potential of LearnCore, how it will evolve, and how it can help improve the value of every member of your organization.