Align your sales tech stack to the buyer journey
(not the sales process)


Sales technology is in a transformative era, shaped by both necessity and innovation. The pandemic ignited a rapid shift towards digital solutions, but the impact is far-reaching and enduring.

In response to this shift, companies embraced various tools and strategies, often addressing specific sales stages. Yet, a crucial element was overlooked—buyer dynamics are non-linear, and purchase journeys aren’t confined to the sales process.

Discover a dynamic on-demand webinar featuring Andee Harris, renowned host of Leading The Challenger Sale, and Hendrik Isebaert, CEO of Showpad

What You’ll Gain:

Challenger Insights: Learn from Andee Harris about enhancing sales productivity in the modern landscape. Find out how to lighten the seller’s load while amplifying efficiency.

Showpad’s Approach: Hendrik Isebaert shares research-backed strategies for aligning sales and marketing. Unleash the potential of seamless collaboration to create unparalleled buyer experiences.

Rewrite your sales technology narrative and empower your sellers to deliver extraordinary buying journeys. This webinar is your guide to a holistic tech stack, designed not just for sellers, but for the intricate path buyers tread.

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