Content Recommendations for Salesforce

With Showpad’s Content Recommendations for Salesforce, salespeople can instantly find and share the right content at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Marketers can suggest the most relevant content for any opportunities within Salesforce based on deal characteristics, such as industry, company size, deal stage and more. In addition, Showpad’s machine learning capabilities automatically recommend the content that has been the most effective for similar deals in the past.

Thanks to Content Recommendations, salespeople no longer need to waste time searching for or creating content. They will have the content required to move a deal forward readily available. This allows them to have personalized conversations with prospects and to quickly follow-up on ongoing deals. As a result, sales teams can close deals at a faster pace.

With our Content Recommendations, your sales team can:

  • Instantly find and share recommended content for any opportunity within Salesforce
  • Learn how colleagues successfully used a piece of content to close a similar deal
  • Provide feedback on the recommended content to improve future recommendations
  • Easily log shared content as activities to have a full overview of all interactions with prospects

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Sales teams are spending 30 hours/month searching for or creating content.
Content Recommendations for Salesforce