Increase content effectiveness and reduce creation times

Accelerate Content Creation

It's no surprise that marketing content plays a vital role in a customer's buying process. For this reason, marketing must endeavor to comprehend their customers' content needs and the effectiveness of the assets they produce — and accelerate content creation that speaks to the specific needs of the client. Traditional models call for content marketing teams to create assets that sales teams can use during customer engagement. That's easier said than done, as the lack of effective feedback processes and proper sales and marketing alignment reduces marketing content effectiveness.

Organizations that have highly aligned sales and marketing teams, which consistently share feedback and collaborate, achieve higher overall marketing content effectiveness. This is where Showpad's sales enablement platform comes in. With Showpad, you can accelerate content creation and increase its effectiveness with:

  • Content Usage: Gain visibility into what content has the highest impact.
  • Content Organization: Ensure your sales team can easily and quickly find and use marketing created content.
  • Content Reviews: Capture sales reps' feedback on various content pieces.
  • Content Engagement: See what content your customer shared and consumed.
  • Reporting: Track improvements in content creation and usage over time.

Find out more about how Showpad helps to accelerate content creation — and drives business success. Download this helpful eBook for details.

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