Increase deal sizes & win rates -- while reducing sales cycle length

Accelerate Sales

As noted by Forrester, in this “Age of the Customer” the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers. As a result, organizations must find smarter ways to spark buyer aligned conversations, deliver meaningful value at every touchpoint, and accelerate sales. And that’s where Showpad enters the picture.

Showpad is an award-winning, cloud-based sales and marketing enablement platform that helps organizations accelerate sales by:

  • Providing sales reps with contextual, relevant content recommendations based on pre-set customized variables such as customer type, deal stage, deal size, product, service, and so on.
  • Ensuring that sales reps can easily and quickly find the content they need vs. forcing them to waste time and effort searching through inboxes, hard drives and online storage repositories.
  • Aligning sales and marketing teams so they coordinate on content strategy and production.
  • Integrating with existing CRM systems in the environment to give sales reps real-time visibility into each customer’s profile and history.
  • Generating clear, accurate reports to monitor and measure content ROI at all stages of the buyer's journey -- including deep into the relationship.  

Discover how Showpad is helping leading organizations around the world accelerate sales by increasing the number of deals, deal values and win rates -- while reducing the length of the sales cycle. Start your free trial today.