Discover 7 of the best sales techniques to drive results

Best Sales Techniques

On today’s competitive and customer-centric landscape, the conventional sales funnel has been replaced by a longer, more complex and multi-touchpoint buyer’s journey. Indeed, 60% of the purchase decision is now completed before a customer seriously engages a sales rep, and 78% of B2B customers reported a year-over-year increase in the number of team members involved in a purchase.

In light of these trends, organizations need to ensure that their reps and channels partners are leveraging the best sales techniques to increase deal sizes, win rates and customer satisfaction -- and reduce the length of the buyer’s journey.

Based on feedback from some of the world’s most successful sales reps, here the 7 of the best sales techniques that all organizations should be embracing and exploiting:

  1. Empower all sales reps --whether inside or remote --with tablets for mobile enablement.
  2. Don’t assume that a prospect’s pain points and needs are known – ask smart, targeted and open-ended questions to create a more robust profile.
  3. Ensure that prospects are educated on the competitive landscape with assets like competitive landscape quadrants, third-party research, features comparison sheets, and so on.
  4. Identify and engage buyer-side advocates (a.k.a. active customer stakeholders) to  coordinate influencers who will have a say in the purchase decision.
  5. Remain vigilant of each prospect’s communication preferences and time.
  6. Give prospects access to accurate, relevant content at their respective stage on the buyer’s journey.
  7. Don’t focus on selling products of services; instead, assume a heavy consultative role by demonstrating a clear understanding of prospect needs.

Showpad’s cloud-based sales and marketing enablement platform has been designed with all of these best sales techniques in mind, plus it empowers empower sales reps with accelerants that deliver real-time customer insights and product updates. 

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