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Content Curation Tools

Whether the goal is to establish search engine “authority” or build a more profitable sales pipeline, the process of discovering, organization and sharing digital content – or in simpler terms, content curation – is more influential and important than ever.

Yet despite the fact that 93% of businesses rely on content marketing, sales reps waste 30 hours per month searching for the right content, and 60-70% of content goes unused. Clearly, there’s a gap between what businesses need to do, and what their current content curation tools are enabling them to do. And that’s where Showpad enters the picture and closes the gap.

 Trusted by both B2B and B2C organizations in all sectors and industries, Showpad’s suite of award-winning content curation tools empower sales reps and channel partners to:

  • Create custom-tailored sales pitches for their target audiences by quickly and easily curating the most relevant best-fit content
  • Mix and match pre-approved, up-to-date and compliant marketing content, including PDFs, videos, individual slides, interactive apps, documents, and more
  • Save customized pitches as “collections” to re-use them in similar sales situations, and share them with colleagues to boost overall team efficiency
  • Track metrics to follow-up accordingly, and identify which collections are generating the most customer engagement and impact

Just as importantly for busy sales reps, Showpad’s content curation tools are instantly accessible via a single, intuitive interface via desktop, tablet or smartphone. And marketing teams can rely on Showpad to ensure that their efforts and investments translate into measurable KPI improvements – which justifies larger budgets and more resources.

Learn why organizations around the world trust Showpad’s content curation tools to discover, organize and share their digital content -- and surge past their competition. Start your free trial today.