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Content Engagement Platform

Today, customers are well-informed, and they expect you, the sales professionals, to be well-prepared and with the right content. In order to keep up with an educated customer and eventually increase sales productivity it's important that sales representatives keep up with engaging, informative marketing content. Then with access to the right content engagement platform, your sales team will be equipped to sell smarter and close deals faster.

Showpad provides marketing and sales professionals insight into content that resonates with informed customers, enabling them to close more sales. They will get access to deep layers of analytics to better report and visualize content usage. These report enables you to discover, identify and design the perfect content engagement platform that fulfills both you and your customer's needs.

  • With complete insight on usage, engagement and productivity, you’ll improve sales performance
  • Get instant notification of when your customers engage with your content
  • Mark content with comments and highlights to share original or annotated material

With our content engagement platform you will be able to keep your audience at the center of all your marketing. Showpad offers a sales acceleration and enablement platform to increase sales and content tools effectiveness. By reinventing your content engagement strategy on our platform, you’ll leave your readers with relevant and impactful content. So leave it to Showpad to help strengthen your brand image and loyalty while delivering the most updated content to your sales team. Start your 14-day free trial today.

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