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Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t something new. It’s been practiced far longer than the actual term existed since organizations have been using content for any possible marketing. However, content marketing has evolved in today’s world, as people are looking at content in a more strategic, planned, and integrated way. Now is the time to focus on content marketing.

Showpad Sales Enablement Platform will help you generously improve your content marketing effectiveness. Your organization will have highly-aligned marketing and sales teams, which will allow them the opportunity to collaborate and share feedback more effectively and consistently. With Showpad, your sales and marketing teams will:

  • Manage access control and smooth integration with a single sign-on
  • Organize content to develop Showpad channels to help present content in line with the sales processes
  • Update and disable content at anytime
  • Deliver content to specific groups or individual users based on their needs
  • Provide better access to the most effective marketing content to your sales team and partners

Content marketing is the savvy marketer’s response to the new, relationship-based, digital marketplace. Allow Showpad Sales Enablement Platform to take your content to the next level. Contact us today to schedule your free demo!

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