Give your teams access to the best content marketing tools

Content Marketing Tools

Due to the explosive reaction to online data, today’s customers remain well-informed. And in return, these educated prospective customers expect sales reps to be equipped with all of the most recent and relevant product information and content. To cater to the educated customer, and therefore, increase sales productivity, it is very important that sales reps and marketing teams are equipped with top of the line content marketing tools. There is no better place to ensure targetable, useful, and reusable content to equip your sales reps to sell smarter and close faster, except Showpad.

Showpad's sales enablement solutions provide analytics to enable sales reps to follow up and target the right prospects to increase the probability of a successful sales interaction. Content marketing tools allow your sales reps to capture a prospect’s content usage and interaction to quickly identify a prospect’s interest level and improve overall quality of the content creation process.

With Showpad, you can align your marketing goals to improve effectiveness with powerful content marketing tools and:

  • Centralize access to all critical sales and marketing collateral
  • Control content with versioning tools, update or revoke access instantly
  • Identify which team members should have access to which content
  • Provide quick and easy access to the most effective content

If you want to start aligning your sales with content marketing tools, check out Showpad’s Sales Enablement Platform to begin reaching your Q3 goals today.