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77% of marketers agree that content is at the core of their business success. It’s not enough to create captivating content; ensuring that your content is reaching the right audience is necessary to the success of your business. The endless stream of information inundating consumers on the daily can force your content into the shadows. Showpad is helping to combat this epidemic by making sharing your content easy and efficient. Showpad prioritizes distribution of your content to the right audiences at the right time, to ensure easy content share. 

Activate your content with Showpad today with:

  • Interactive content to fit unique audience groups, product lines, geographic locations and more
  • The delivery of relevant, up-to-date content, in a simple and intuitive way
  • The alignment of content to personas, opportunity types, and sales processes

Showpad technology can help your business make a bold statement with effective content distribution. Start your free trial today.