Shorten turnover and build your business

CSO Insights Report 2016

The CSO Insights Report for 2016 is in, and the numbers are telling a stark story on sales enablement across businesses nationwide. CSO Insights found that companies with sales training programs that exceeded expectations had the lowest annual sales rep turnover (11.9%); while companies with sales training programs that met expectations had slightly higher turnover rates (13.9%); and finally companies with sales training programs that need improvement had significantly higher turnover rates (19.5%). High turnover forces businesses to redirect their attention from creating new opportunities to training new sales recruits. Showpad is offering a unique solution to combat this epidemic. With Showpad, your business can:

  • Improve sales productivity - call data and content shared is automatically sent to your CRM system
  • Shorten the onboarding process for partners and salespersons alike
  • Share all content across departments to give your sales reps what they need when they need it

Join the sales enablement revolution; learn what you can be doing better in the next sales cycle by downloading the CSO Insights Report.

Sales Enablement Optimization Study – 2016 Key Trends Analysis