Video: Kanthal Testimonial

Turbo-boosting digital transformation

Watch the video to learn how Showpad’s Sales Enablement solution enables Kanthal to embrace digital transformation for better alignment between marketing and sales. With Showpad, Kanthal has improved growth by providing:

  • Customer intelligence in real-time
  • Easy access to assets stored in one flexible solution
  • Professional messaging to boost customer engagement

7 Steps to Building a Winning Sales Enablement Program

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5 Learning Paths You Can Create for Your Team Today

Download the eBook to understand how Showpad Coach enables you to onboard new sales reps faster and train mid-performers to become best sellers to boost results.

Roadmap to Sales + Marketing Alignment

Download the report to gain insight into five stages and impactful actions you can take to align your sales, boost efficiency and results.

Building a better Buyer Experience

Building a better Buyer Experience

Our experiences as consumers are changing our behavior as B2B buyers. Thanks to websites like Amazon, we’ve come to expect readily available information — whenever and wherever we want it. Yet despite changing buyer expectations, most sellers aren’t selling the way buyers want to buy.