Rethink your content distribution

Distribute Content to Sales

Whether or not to align sales and marketing goals is no longer a question, it is a necessity to ensure the success of your business. Distributing content directly to your sales team has never been easier with Showpad technology. Showpad rethinks sales content by making it findable, presentable and trackable, all on one platform, to give your teams access to the content they need when they need it.

Showpad’s content activation platform unifies sales and marketing assets all in one place to help you:

  • Provide up-to-date, easy to find, easy to share content
  • Grow your business by identifying key stakeholders
  • Deliver content in a simple and intuitive way

It’s no wonder that when sales and marketing align, companies experience more than a 38% increase in closed deals. Close your next deal with Showpad; start your free trial today.