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Docurated Competitor

While sales and marketing teams have different mandates and methods, in the big picture they share a set of key goals: reach more qualified prospects, close more profitable deals, and drive more organizational success.

However, many sales enablement platforms fail to support these aims. Instead of recognizing that 70-90% of a customer’s journey is usually complete prior to engaging a vendor (source: Forrester), these platforms s-l-o-w things down to a crawl – which frustrates customers and, more often than not, ends the relationship before it has a chance to thrive. That’s where Showpad enters the picture and changes the story.

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide across industries and sectors, Showpad gives sales and marketing teams the tools they need to increase velocity and capacity – which isn’t just what they need, but also it’s what customers demand.  

For example, with unprecedented speed and ease sales and marketing teams can:

  • Search and find the exact content they need  
  • Share content simply by sending an email
  • Access real-time insights on how customers interact with content
  • Measure content effectiveness to increase ROI   

At the same time, thanks to Showpad’s class-leading offline usage, teams can launch impressive sales presentations without an internet connection.

The bottom line? The speed of business isn’t slowing down. On the contrary, it’s only getting faster. Showpad enables sales and marketing teams to keep up with their customers – and stay ahead of their competition. 

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