Driving Growth at CPG Companies

Driving Growth at CPG Companies

Competition in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is on the rise and with only minor differences in product offerings between brands, creating a better buying experience is a key differentiator for sales in consumer goods companies. A recent McKinsey study indicates that CPG companies with innovative sales and marketing teams grow at 4.1 percentage points faster compared to lagging companies.

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Commercial Excellence is the key

Blog: Trends in Consumer Packaged Goods Sales

Promoting collaboration between Sales and marketing is the catalyst for success in the CPG industry. We took a look at common growth challenges for CPG companies’ and how Sales enablement solutions help them beat out the competition.

Webinar: Drive Growth at CPG companies featuring Valrhona

Watch our webinar and hear from Garrett Dalton, Chief Digital Officer at Valrhona, premium chocolate manufacturer, where he’ll describe his journey of driving digital transformation at Valrhona and implementing sales enablement solutions to support sales growth.

Blog: Gaining Control Over Brand & Messaging in the CPG Industry

How can CPG marketing and sales teams position their brand in an innovative way that puts them ahead of the competition?

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Case Study: Croustico by Vandemoortele

For Croustico by Vandemoortele, Showpad is key to rebranding success.

Bob De Rydt

Bob De Rydt
Marketing Manager for Professional Solutions

❝Showpad was much more of a fit for our needs. It was the first software we used that had no hidden surprises. Our customers want us to listen and understand both current and future business needs. With Showpad Experiences, they can see we are doing that.❞