How to Fix a Broken Buyer Journey with Digital Transformation

Keys to successful Digital Transformation

Watch the video to gain insights to top tips from buyers like Bacardi and leading agencies on how a robust Sales Enablement technology along with CRM and marketing automation solutions, helps B2B organisations to:

  • Align sales and marketing for better customer experience
  • Close the gap between buyers and sellers to improve results
  • Improve customer engagement and retention with a unified approach

7 Steps to Building a Winning Sales Enablement Program

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5 Learning Paths You Can Create for Your Team Today

Download the eBook to understand how Showpad Coach enables you to onboard new sales reps faster and train mid-performers to become best sellers to boost results.

Roadmap to Sales + Marketing Alignment

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Building a better Buyer Experience

Building a better Buyer Experience

Our experiences as consumers are changing our behavior as B2B buyers. Thanks to websites like Amazon, we’ve come to expect readily available information — whenever and wherever we want it. Yet despite changing buyer expectations, most sellers aren’t selling the way buyers want to buy.