Promote sales content sharing across platforms

Improve Sales Content Sharing

The success of your business is dependent on its ability to send and share content quickly and efficiently, at anytime, from anywhere. Is your business doing this effectively — or could you improve sales content sharing? 

Showpad enables content sharing across platforms, channels, and even customer types; and it doesn't stop with sharing.  Showpad's distinct ability to track your content's performance helps your business pinpoint the right time to reach out to customers. Our Insights feature ensures that your business is not wasting valuable time, energy and resources.

Showpad makes activating your content hassle-free and provides your business with:

  • Delivery of relevant, up-to-date content, in a simple and intuitive way
  • Interactive content to fit unique audience groups, geographic locations, product lines and more
  • Alignment of content to personas, sales processes and opportunity types

Your ability to improve sales content sharing just got easier. Showpad technology ranks #1 as a content activation and sales enablement platform. Request a free trial today and see what Showpad technology can do for your business.