Eliminate Bad Experiences & Increase Sales 

Increase Sales Conversion

A global survey administered by marketing and analyst firm Demand Metric confirmed that the consequences of bad sales experiences are not just costly -- in some cases they can be catastrophic. For instance:

  • 72% of bad sales experiences result in net revenue loss to an organization
  • 59% of opportunities with qualified prospects are lost due to a single bad sales experience
  • 70% of marketing and sales professionals acknowledge that it can take months or years to repair damaged relationships caused by a bad sales experience

These alarming statistics paint a very clear picture: organizations that want their sales reps to increase sales conversion rates must empower them to prevent bad sales experiences from happening in the first place. That’s why leading organizations around the world trust Showpad.

Accessible via the cloud or through class-leading offline mode, Showpad helps sales reps eliminate bad sales experiences and increase sales conversion rates by:

  • Accessing the most effective pieces of content – or “collections” of curated content -- they need to target each customer based on different variables (e.g. persona, deal stage, sector, etc.)
  • Monitor how and when each customer interacts with content, so they can follow-up accordingly
  • Integrate with other systems in the environment, such as Salesforce, to get real-time recommendations that are ideal for each customer

At the same time, Showpad makes it easy and effective for sales reps to provide feedback to marketing teams on what they need to close more deals. And sales managers and executives can clearly see what sales reps are doing vs. waiting (and waiting…and waiting…) for overdue status reports and updates.

Learn why hundreds of thousands of sales reps around the world use Showpad throughout the day to make bad sales experiences a thing of the past, and increase sales conversion rates now and into the future. Start your free trial today.