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Marketing and Sales Enablement

When it comes to implementing a successful marketing and sales enablement strategy, some businesses clearly surpass their competitors when it comes to generating brand awareness, marketshare, revenues and profits.

What’s the core distinction between businesses that regularly exceed sales targets vs. those that miss them? It all comes down to using the right sales and marketing enablement solution -- and that’s where Showpad makes a transformative bottom-line difference. 

Showpad’s marketing and sales enablement solution empowers sales reps to:

  • Discover, present and share any type of content via any device: tablet, desktop, or smartphone.
  • Create customized sales presentations by mixing and matching relevant content for any customer.
  • Receive automatic content suggestions for each opportunity in Salesforce.
  • Glean customer insights and follow-up with targeted, timely and tailored communication. 

Showpad’s marketing and sales enablement solution empowers marketing teams to:

  • Distribute and manage sales content on a secure, centralized cloud-based hub.
  • See what content sales reps are using, and what content is helping close the most deals.
  • Instantly update all content in the ecosystem, and put an end to compliance issues and version control nightmares.
  • Help sales reps use the right content for each buyer persona, deal stage, and selling scenario.

And at the same time, managers and leaders can use Showpad to monitor performance at individual and team levels, align activity with strategy, streamline new hire onboarding, and deliver both live and on-demand training. The Association for Talent Development (formerly the American Society for Training and Development) identified that ongoing training leads  to 50% higher net sales per rep.

Discover why leading organizations worldwide rely on Showpad as their high-performance, results-based marketing and sales enablement solution. Download your complimentary eBook: “The Impact of Content Effectiveness on Sales and Marketing Report”.

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