Time to focus on the customer with the right content

Marketing Content

Consumers have almost turned off the traditional world of marketing. Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. That’s where content marketing comes in. Basically, content marketing is the communication with your prospects without selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering marketing content that makes your buyer more educated about your company. The use of effective marketing content almost always leads to increased sales productivity.

As a marketing organization, you should prioritize getting the best mobile marketing content management software because most of the time, your sales reps will need mobile access when presenting to prospects. Look no further than Showpad.com! Showpad's leading mobile sales enablement solution gives total control over content while providing sales teams with effective material to share and eventually, sell.

Our leading platform delivers effective marketing content and powerful reporting to align marketing efforts toward revenue goals. Increase your marketing content effectiveness by:

  • Enabling your teams to customize marketing content for each prospective customer’s needs
  • Importing files from Microsoft or Google Drive and other sources, in addition to capabilities with Box and Dropbox
  • Getting access to real-time feedback and analysis to capture feedback during customer meetings

It’s time to shorten the sales cycle with a proven mobile marketing content management tool. Try a free demo today to learn how your teams can work with the best mobile marketing content anywhere, anytime.

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