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Marketing Enablement

On today’s highly competitive and customer-centric business landscape, a sales and marketing enablement solution helps organizations generate 8.2% higher revenues than their competition (Source: CSO Insights).

However, not all sales and marketing enablement solutions are created equal. Some are needlessly complex and confusing, others are superficial and unsophisticated, and many don’t integrate with other systems in the environment. And that’s where Showpad stands apart.

Showpad is the world’s leading sales and marketing enablement solution. Accessible through the cloud or via class-leading offline mode, Showpad ensures that:

  • Marketing teams get actionable intelligence -- from both sales colleagues and by monitoring customer interactions -- to develop strategy and create on-message content
  • Marketing teams measure the value and ROI of their efforts, which helps justify larger budgets and additional resources
  • Sales reps quickly and easily find the marketing content they need -- instead of wasting their valuable time searching for content or re-creating what's already there
  • All content in the ecosystem is accurate, complete and compliant 

The Bottom Line? Showpad is a trusted, proven and results-based sales and marketing enablement solution that helps organizations connect with more customers, drive more sales, and achieve more success. 

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