Eliminating the guesswork in your ROI analysis

Marketing Roi Analysis

Until recently, marketing ROI analysis relied heavily on guesstimates. That's because of the limited visibility into questions like:

  • What pieces and types of content are customers and prospects interacting with — and what are they not?
  • Are sales reps relying on outdated or inaccurate content?
  • How frequently and effectively are sales reps using content with different buyer personas and in varying deal stages?
  • Are sales reps familiar with all of the content in the ecosystem, or are they struggling to find what they need?

Fortunately, answering these questions with accurate marketing ROI analysis is both practical and affordable. It simply takes Showpad, the world's top sales and marketing enablement solution.

Showpad allows sales reps, marketing professionals, managers and executives to measure and track content marketing ROI so they can:

  • Create accurate, data-driven sales forecasts to optimize resource allocation and budgets
  • Gain unprecedented insight into which content is generating the most engagement 
  • Align marketing and sales teams so content production and distribution supports success and drives sales
  • Reduce sales cycles and increase deal sizes by having the right content available, for the right client, at the right time

Showpad takes the guesswork out of marketing ROI analysis. Discover how by requesting a Marketing Optimization Toolkit today.

Marketing Optimization Toolkit