Give your sales team access anytime, anywhere on their mobile device

Mobile Content Management

Much of today’s sales and marketing content is used on mobile devices, so why not optimize your content for a mobile device or tablet. But, for you and your sales team to create successful mobile content management strategies, it is important to approach it with a complete understanding of the mobile community and behavior.

Here’s where Showpad comes in. Our sales enablement technology and tools enables your team to gather the right content anywhere, anytime with any mobile device. By providing your teams with the latest marketing and sales content on their mobile devices, your business can substantially reduce printing and paper costs and close deals even faster.

With an innovative Mobile Content Management platform:

  • Everyone on the team and throughout the organization has access to the latest, approved content
  • Updating content has never been so easy: it only needs to be uploaded once
  • Sales reps can easily provide feedback on the sales material by rating and posting comments on their tablets
  • Sharing and distributing content is straightforward and fast. You can present any sales material on a mobile device to potential customers during a meeting or conversation

When you manage your content through a mobile sales enablement technology, all of your existing content is uploaded to a cloud platform, where all members of your sales team can access it. Give your sales team that mobile content management tools they need to succeed. Start your free trial today.