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Mobile Content Marketing

Much of today’s sales content is consumed on mobile devices, so why not optimize you marketing content for a mobile device. Successful marketing is all about content, and nowadays, that content needs to be mobile. Numerous studies show that real-time searches are by far more popular with smartphone users looking for information, than on any other device. In order for you and your team to gather successful content marketing strategies, it is important to approach with an understanding of the mobile community and user behavior.

Showpad is a leading mobile-first sales enablement solution that gives sales and marketing control over content while providing sales teams with effective material to share with prospective customers. Prioritize mobile sales content management software because many of your sales reps require mobile access to the best content and most relevant sales content when presenting to prospects.

With Showpad’s sales enablement solution, we ensure useful, and reusable marketing content. Our leading platform delivers effective content and powerful reporting to align marketing efforts toward revenue goals.

Increase your sales content effectiveness by:

  • Presenting content in line with your sales processes and strategies
  • Using Personal Channel to enable sales teams to easily customize content for each customer’s needs
  • Importing files from Microsoft Drive, Gmail, or other sources, in addition to existing capabilities with Box and Dropbox
  • Get real-time feedback and analysis capabilities that allow sales teams to capture feedback during customer meetings

Shorten the sales cycle with proven mobile content management tools. Request a free trial today to learn how you can provide your sales teams with the right mobile marketing content anywhere, anytime.