Transform your mobile device into a sales powerhouse

Mobile Sales

Successful marketing is all about content, and with today’s booming mobile economy, that content and sales presentations need to be managed on a mobile device. As more teams work remotely and travel to present to customers, there is a great need for mobile content management.

So why not manage your marketing content and sales performance on a mobile device or tablet? Well you should, and Showpad can help you do it. Our mobile sales enablement technology can help your sales and marketing teams create successful mobile content management strategies. Showpad’s software will approach your content management with the best approach and understanding of the mobile community and behavior.

With an innovative Mobile Content Management platform:

  • The whole organization, including sales and marketing teams, have access to any approved content
  • Updating content is so simple: it only needs to be uploaded once
  • The existing content within an organization is used to its full potential because sales reps carry it with them at all times
  • Sales reps easily provide feedback on the sales material by rating and posting comments on their tablet

When you manage content on a mobile sales platform, your content is automatically downloaded to a universal cloud platform where the entire team can access the information, anywhere and anytime, on any device. Prepare your sales team with the mobile content management tools they need to start succeeding right away. Start your free trial today.

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