Consistently meet quotas & improve the bottom-line 

Mobile Sales Enablement

How important is mobile sales enablement on today’s competitive and customer-centric business landscape? According to study by Aberdeen Research, companies with best-in-class mobile sales enablement strategies enjoy a 13.7% yearly increase in deal size, and 84 percent of sales representatives achieve or exceed quota.

Yet despite these results, many mobile sales enablement solutions are part of the problem. Instead of allowing sales representatives to seamlessly continue the work journey between devices, they're faced with compatibility, accessibility and usability obstacles. And that’s where Showpad enters the picture.

Showpad is the world’s #1 mobile sales enablement solution. From any mobile device and at any time, sales representatives can:

  • Easily and quickly find the content and documents they need to impress customers and close deals
  • Share and collaborate with internal teams, such as marketing, product development and customer service
  • Monitor and analyze content engagement at every stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Launch rich multimedia presentations – even without a Wifi connection

Discover why more than 100,000 sales representatives around the world trust Showpad’s mobile sales enablement solution to activate their content, close deals faster, consistently meet quotas, and measurably improve the bottom-line. Sign up for a free trial today.

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