Are you ready for the future of sales in manufacturing?

The future of manufacturing is digital

but where does that leave marketing and sales?


Almost all manufacturers (94%) understand that digital-first thinking is key to their future success. And excitingly, 80% are already embracing data-driven digital-first cultures. But there’s a disconnect between what’s happening on the shop floor and how manufacturers’ marketing and sales teams leverage data to tell their story.

The manufacturing industry is in a state of change…

Marketing and sales teams at manufacturing organizations face a new landscape – with the death of products and the rise of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS). This puts additional pressure on sales teams to become service providers – in a primarily digital sales environment. Not an easy task for sure.

Meanwhile, social and political shifts have created changes in regulations and supply chain disruptions. And sales teams have to deal with this additional challenge, while still figuring out how to create stellar buying experiences in a virtual setting.

It’s hard out there for manufacturing sales reps.


And this is only made worse with the demands of modern manufacturing buyers. What do we mean by that? This is what we mean…


Modern buyers be like…

There’s never been a better time to be a buyer. They have more data and tools than ever before. They can do almost all their research before ever speaking to a buyer. And internally, they work as a collaborative unit. With all of this information readily available to them, shouldn’t it be easy-peasy to buy a solution?

Unfortunately not. It seems the gap between modern buyers and sellers continues to grow, with 77% of buyers finding their last purchase more complex. (Source: Chief Martec, Gartner) So ask yourself: are your teams truly set up to meet the increasing demands of your buyers and their buying teams?

It’s time to change how you sell. It’s called Modern Selling. And for those that have made the shift, the new models are proving to be 83% more effective than what they did before (Source: McKinsey, Feb 2021).

Cutting deals in a virtual world.

Have your reps got the tools for the job?


Reps need tools to give prospects—who can’t always touch or see products in person—new ways to explore products online. (We call these “immersive buying experiences.”)
They need to be trained to the point where prospects see them as true experts. Boring, one-size-fits-all pitch decks aren’t going to cut it. And with sales teams members’ turnovers increasing, you need a way to get salespeople on board and up to speed faster than ever.

Sales enablement builds
successful teams in a digital world

How? When marketing analytics, training, and communication (the whole kit and caboodle) move onto one platform that both buyers and sellers use, your organization can:

Understand the manufacturing landscape with data analytics

Ensure marketing and sales are in step with engaging and impactful content

See what content resonates most with prospects with data insights

Cut more deals because they have the right content and channels to engage buyers

Onboard new sales talent quicker with goal-driven product portfolio training

Meet the cast

We show you what it’s like to sell with and without a sales enablement platform in this story. (It’s a fictional composite of our clients’ real-world experiences.)


Name: Marcel Alves
Stress level: Up-to-here (and then some)


Name: Binita Martin
Stress level: Beyond

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