Dramatically elevate team performance and sales rep success

Optimizing Sales Teams

According to CSO Insights, just 60 percent of sales reps meet quota. And research by The Brevet Group revealed that only 45 percent of professionals who make their living in sales have the right skills to be successful. That means sales managers and executives must focus on optimizing sales teams, so that they're achieving their potential, closing more deals, and constantly moving the organization forward quarter after quarter. And that’s why leading companies around the world choose Showpad. 

Accessible online or class-leading offline mode, Showpad makes optimizing sales teams easy and effective by:

  • Rapidly on-boarding and training new sales reps, so they spend less time familiarizing themselves with products and processes, and more time engaging customers and closing deals.
  • Ensuring that the ecosystem is populated with accurate, on-message, compliant and approved content, so that sales reps can confidently go into any meeting or presentation.
  • Leveraging powerful content intelligence to measure customer interest levels, identify key stakeholders, and improve content creation.
  • Empowering sales managers with real-time analytics into how sales reps are using and sharing content, so they can establish best practices based and provide targeted coaching.

Find out more from the Sales Enablement Optimization Study and discover today how companies around the world are optimizing sales teams with Showpad.

Sales Enablement Optimization Study – 2016 Key Trends Analysis