Data Analytics for Better Conversation with Prospects

Prospect Insights

The outcomes from a bad sales experience result in lost revenue, and most of the time it takes months to restore the relationship. To avoid a bad sales experience, it is important to deliver the right content at the right time.

Gaining the right prospect insight maximizes the efficiency of the sales teams, as they know exactly where to spend their time, and which lead requires nurturing. Showpad provides marketing and sales professionals a deeper level of insight into the content that resonates with customers and prospects, enabling them to close more sales. You get access to deeper layers of analytics with better reporting and visualizations on content usage.

Get smart prospect insights with Showpad.

  • Showcase Insights - With complete insight on usage, engagement and productivity, you can improve sales performance
  • Re-sharing – If a prospect downloaded the content and re-shared with others, they are more likely to convert
  • Push Notifications - Get instant notification when your prospect engages with your content. You know exactly who did what, when and for how long. This will tell you exactly when to follow up
  • Annotate - Mark content with comments, highlights and drawing tool. Share original or annotated material post-meeting

Showpad helps you gain more prospect insights, empower you to sell smarter, and close faster. Sign up for a free trial.