Roadmap to Sales + Marketing Alignment

Research tells us the experience a buyer has with your company can make or break a sale, and that experience is primarily driven by your marketing and sales organizations.

Your sales and marketing teams must align to ensure they are focusing on the same customers with the right messaging and content, investing resources where they will have the most impact, and delivering a seamless buying experience that will differentiate your organization from the competition. In fact, collaboration between sales and marketing is the only way to get to collaborative selling.

Explore the five stages of sales and marketing alignment in our latest guide.

What's in it?

  • Assess your organization’s sales and marketing collaboration today
  • Understand how it can mature in the future
  • Learn six practical, impactful actions you can take to evolve your organization’s sales and marketing alignment

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How to align Sales + Marketing?

How to align Sales + Marketing?

With Showpad, you can take your Sales & Marketing Alignment to the next level. Showpad can be easily configured to:

  • Centralize, manage, and distribute sales content with ease
  • Bring sales conversations to life in dedicated Experiences
  • Measure sales and marketing effectiveness to optimize impact

How to Build a Sales Enablement Strategy: First Steps

Sales enablement is the path to sales effectiveness. By focusing on content usage later in the sales cycle, sales and marketing teams can continually improve the content, messaging and methods businesses need to convert and close deals.