Enable your sales team to do its best, with Showpad

Sales Enablement

Unlike established enterprise functions like accounting, finance and marketing, sales enablement is still ever-evolving, and the term serves different functions in different companies. Sales enablement is a combination of tools that have the ability to improve key sales activities, activities like making successful sales calls, managing major accounts, and targeting top prospects. However, nearly every company today has some sales enablement function, only not all of them are formalized or report to the same departments. It is important to have your entire organization’s sales enablement strategy at the same level, to increase sales productivity, support sales reps with content, and train them to have successful sales conversations.

But, if you still haven’t locked in a sales enablement strategy, your sales team could be losing out on more than you think. Organizations with an innovative sales enablement system will have eventual higher revenues and close deals faster. But don’t worry, Showpad is the leading sales enablement platform that helps you deliver the right content to the right audience, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The Showpad sales enablement advantage includes:

  • Fast and easy access to all of your sales collateral from all of your devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Shared content to present or start a meeting from a modern, dynamic platform
  • Uncovered patterns in content usage to find what content is most effective
  • Understanding how audiences are interacting with and sharing content

Our sales enablement program includes smart analytics on content usage, reviews, and engagement. We want to make sure that your sales team is equipped with the right set of tools to drive business. Start enabling your sales team today, and sign up for a free trial.