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Sales Enablement Content

Having a plan for sales enablement doesn't mean you've placed enough emphasis on content. And that's important. After all, with a robust sales enablement, content-driven approach you're able to improve mindshare, customer engagement, sales conversions and profitability.

Place the focus on content, with Showpad and start reaping rewards rather than struggling to see results.

Authorized users simply log on from any computer or mobile device and:

  • Launch winning presentations from anywhere, even without Wifi access
  • Track and monitor content engagement across the buyer's journey, so that you can fix what isn't working and optimize what is
  • Collaborate on content development, management and distribution, so that sales and marketing teams can work in conjunction vs. duplicating each others' efforts
  • Quickly locate the exact content they need - whether it's a price list, video demo, technical sheet, product catalog, or anything else

Find out more about why Showpad is widely hailed as the sales enablement content focused platform, and why over 100,000 marketing and sales professionals rely on it to elevate success, growth and customer happiness. Download the 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Key Trends Analysis for details. 

Sales Enablement Optimization Study – 2016 Key Trends Analysis