Meet the needs of your sales and marketing teams

Sales Marketing Management

Sales/marketing management is tasked with ensuring content is not only relevant, but also readily available. That's why they choose Showpad as their sales enablement software.

In contrast to conventional sales/marketing management software that is limited and restrictive, Showpad is designed to address the "real world" needs of today's sales teams by empowering them to:

  • Share content with prospects and customers via email, branded microsite, direct to mobile device, or streamed live on large display
  • Quickly and easily locate specific pieces of content necessary for a custom-tailored pitch
  • Get real-time content usage and engagement analytics to see what content is working best for each buyer persona and deal stage
  • Launch video presentations from anywhere, even without Wifi

Meanwhile, Showpad aligns sales and marketing teams, ensuring that they're working together to shape relevant, engaging, compliant and on-message content that does what matters most: guides customers along the buyer's journey. 

Learn more about the sales/marketing management software from Showpad and why businesses around the globe rely on it by downloading this informative eBook.

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