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Sales Productivity Tools

Bad sales experiences happen– but with an efficient, organized sales enablement platform, your sales and marketing teams can gain visibility into their mistakes. In a recent study by Demand Metric, the impact of a “bad” sales interaction– typically resulting in a vendor from being considered– was explored in-depth. The purpose of this study was not to identify scapegoats, but to determine how sales productivity and effectiveness are affected by bad sales meetings, and hopefully gain insights about how to prevent bad meetings

72% of sales and marketing professionals agree that there is an immediate loss of revenue after a bad sales meeting.

Take your sales team to the next level

To take your company’s sales productivity rates to the next level you first must understand the metrics surrounding your company's bad sales engagements. Showpad Sales Enablement Platform was designed with this in mind. Our productivity tools empower your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Improve efficiency by minimizing day-to-day content administration processes
  • Present and share content with prospects from an engaging interface available on all your devices
  • Gain powerful insight into content usage by prospect and their sharing patterns
  • Deliver follow up communications at just the right time with real time content usage notifications
Check out the Demand Metric report to learn more about the metrics of a bad sales interaction and its impact on sales productivity. Or, visit our solutions page to learn more about available features and benefits.

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