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The Aragon Research 2016 for Sales Engagement

Sales reps are usually drinking out of a firehose, and often, a more strategic, streamlined approach to selling can help. Enter sales enablement technology, and Aragon Research's new report that will help you figure out which tool is right for your organization. 

  • A Salesforce study revealed that high-performing sales teams use nearly three times as many sales enablement tools vs. underperforming teams, and they are also five times more likely to have strong capabilities in mobile sales.
  • An Edelman study found that 90% of buyers want the companies they’re dealing with to share more information, and deliver a more customized and personalized experience.
  • A DemandGen study (via HubSpot) discovered that 95% of buyers choose a company that gives them enough content to navigate through each stage of the buying process.
  • A Gartner Group study found that in a typical firm with 100-500 employees, on average seven people are involved in most buying decisions.
  • A SiriusDecisions study found that buyers are typically more than halfway through the buying cycle – and many are about 75% of the way along – before they seriously engage sales reps.  

Given the importance of sales enablement platforms for successful sales reps and organizations alike, Showpad is proud to be named a leader in Aragon Research’s inaugural  Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms*.

The Research Globe™ is a trusted, independent market evaluation tool that captures Aragon Research’s in-depth analysis of 20 leading vendors in the sales enablement marketplace across a range of criteria, including reach, performance and strategy.

In its review of Showpad’s sales enablement platform, Aragon Researchers highlighted key strengths of our award-winning product, including analytics, content sharing, Salesforce integration, and the mobile-first user interface. The researchers further noted that:

“[Showpad] gives marketing teams the capability to provide approved content for sales teams to then present and share with prospects across mobile devices and on the desktop. Showpad demonstrates strengths in content creation and the ability to update content for everyone. When combined with its solid integration with Mobile Content Management providers like Box and DropBox, this means that sales professionals don’t waste time looking for files. Recently, Showpad has also added playbook capabilities.”

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Showpad's platform ultimately helps salespeople: 

  • Increase  productivity and active selling time to find, present and share any type of content from any device.
  • Deliver impressive presentations directly on their tablet -- even without Wifi access -- or send presentations to customers via personalized email or branded microsite.
  • Improve customer interactions by automatically getting suggestions on which content is most effective for any opportunity in Salesforce.
  • Establish a consultative sales process by monitoring in real-time how prospects and customers interact with, engage and share content.
  • Measurably reduce ramp-up time for orientation, training and new product/program releases.

Discover why over 100,000 sales reps worldwide trust Showpad to implement a more strategic, streamlined and success-oriented approach to selling – and ultimately increase deal sizes, shorten sales cycles, boost win rates, and drive their organization forward.

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Aragon Research 2016: Sales Engagement Platforms