Track email engagement to drive sales

Tracking Email

Companies are spending more than 25% of their marketing budgets on developing, delivering and promoting content -- and email marketing is a big piece of the puzzle.

Yet despite this investment and effort, tracking email remains a major problem. Instead of accessing reliable information to make data-driven decisions, companies are forced to rely on guestimates and “gut feels”. Fortunately, that’s where Showpad puts companies in control, and their budgets back on-track.

Showpad’s award-winning sales and marketing enablement platform makes tracking email easy and effective. At any time, marketing professionals, sales reps, managers and executives simply log into Showpad and:

  • Measure prospect and customer interest levels by identifying emails that generate the most engagement at the top, middle and bottom of the sale funnel
  • Decide when and how to engage prospects and customers based on gleaned insights (e.g. sending content, making a phone call, scheduling a meeting, etc.)
  • Identify key stakeholders to see who’s accessing emails – which is particularly important, since in a typical firm with 100-500 employees an average of 7 people are involved in a buying decision
  • Establish best practices and standards about all aspects of tracking email, such as subject lines, body content, distribution times, etc. 
  • Improve the overall content creation process by aligning sales and marketing teams so they are working together to do what matters most: nurture prospects into customers, and customers into loyal fans

Discover why organizations around the world rely on Showpad to turn tracking email from a confusing and costly ordeal, into a streamlined, strategic and successful experience. Get a personalized free demo today.

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