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According to research by Marketing Charts, 83% of B2B marketers are heavily invested in trade shows, and the 2016 Selligent Marketing Survey found that 56% of marketers have enlarged their year-over-year marketing budget. However, despite these increases:

  • 80% of marketers don’t follow-up on their trade show leads (source: Salesforce)
  • 75% of leads are never followed-up with after a trade show (source: The Marketing Donut)
  • 44% of marketers don't measure trade show ROI (source: Display Wizard)
  • 22% of marketers have no way of measuring their trade show ROI (source: EventTrack)

Ultimately, this means that an overwhelming number of businesses aren’t reaping the maximum rewards from their trade show investment. And that’s where Showpad changes the game.

Showpad is the world’s leading sales and marketing enablement platform. It quickly and easily enables trade show teams to: 

  • Access relevant content for visitors via laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Launch impressive, multimedia-rich presentations and demos --even without Wifi access
  • Toggle “kiosk mode” to hide confidential information at the booth
  • Build tailored content within an event-branded email template, and share it instantly with visitors
  • Log content that is presented and shared with prospects
  • Generate real-time insights into how prospects engage and interact with content
  • Capture key information and follow-up with leads after the trade show is over

Discover why organizations worldwide trust Showpad as their “go to” trade show demo app, and use it to drive more engagement, connect with more leads, and achieve more sales and ROI.  Start a free trial today.


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