Turn trade shows into revenue

Trade Show Demo Tool

Trade shows are a perfect opportunity for companies to gain brand exposure, generate media coverage and discover new sales leads. But, they are also very expensive. No less than 44% of sales and marketing managers don't measure the ROI of the trade shows they attend. However, businesses can no longer afford sending employees to conferences as an experiment. Trade shows have to deliver a measurable return to remain included in today's marketing budget. 

So how can you make sure that your trade show investments pay off? This is where Showpad's sales enablement platform comes into play. 

With Showpad, your sales and marketing teams can: 

  • Quickly pull up the most relevant content for a visitor in an event-specific branded environment on a tablet or phone - even when they are offline
  • Easily hide insider knowledge and confidential information at the booth by enabling the kiosk mode
  • Create tailored content within an event-branded email template in just a few clicks and share it on the spot to increase engagement with visitors
  • Shorten admin time by easily logging all content that was presented or shared with a prospect, and receive real-time insights into how prospects interact with the content

Attract more visitors to your booth with branded demo stations, have highly effective meetings with visitors and capture all information you need to successfully follow up after the trade show. 

Discover how organizations around the world are using Showpad at trade shows to drive customer engagement, generate new leads and ultimately, close more sales. Start a free trial today. 

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