Enjin Distribuidora De Veiculos (“Enjin”) is a family owned network of Honda dealerships in Southern Brazil that specializes in selling new, off-lease and used vehicles, as well as providing parts, service and collision repair. Enjin’s sales team is responsible for the entire sales process, from prospecting to post-sales administration and paperwork.

It’s not good enough to tell customers that one car is better than another, or is safer. You have to provide them with the hard data, and they don’t want to wait for it. They want it right away, and Showpad lets us meet that need.
Eduardo Rossoni Pydd , General Manager, Enjin


  • Salespeople organized information in their personal style instead of using a standardized process.
  • Excessive use of laptops was not perceived as customer-friendly, as it prompted salespeople to spend a lot of time interacting with their device instead of talking face to face with the customer.
  • Despite being more mobile than workstations/PCs, laptops nevertheless required power cords and wires, which were inconvenient and didn’t look professional.
  • Salespeople couldn’t quickly find the information they needed, such as the latest interest rates or price tables, causing confusion. Cloud-based storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox failed to solve the problem, as it was too difficult to organize.


  • To solve its challenges, Enjin replaced its ad hoc mix of on-premise and cloud products with Showpad’s centralized content activation platform, and gave each salesperson an iPad for easy mobile access. The result: streamlined, simple implementation that took just two weeks, paving the way for workflow and information management improvements.


  • Shortened sales cycles and reduced onboarding time of new salespeople
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Improved analytics and reporting

About Honda

Founded: 2003
Location HQ: Cascavel, Brazil
Industry: Automotive
Employees: 50-200

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