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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (“RCL”) is an award-winning global cruise vacation provider. RCL is affiliated with the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, Pullmantur, and CDF Croisières de France brands. As the world’s second largest cruise company, RCL also partners with SkySea Cruise Line and TUI Cruises through joint ventures.

Together, these seven brands operate a combined total of 48 ships with an additional 11 on order. They operate diverse itineraries to approximately 490 destinations on all seven continents, and serve more than 5 million guests per year.

When we build something new, it’s live on every device within 10 minutes and instantly available to our sales representatives around the world.
Costantino Padovano , Multimedia Specialist, Global Tour Operations, Royal Caribbean Cruises


  • Since ships have an old system and satellite connection, it took an excessive amount of time to download content.
  • Other than the limited feedback gathered from the salespeople on each ship, RCL had no visibility into analytics and content usage.
  • The system didn’t integrate with mobile devices, such as iPads, which RCL had deployed to each ship. As a result, the Sales Excursion team had to board each ship and manually update each device with the latest content and images.


  • Showpad allowed RCL to remotely update content on all mobile devices on each ship.
  • Showpad helped RCL’s on-board sales team become a truly “mobile” sales force. Costantino Padovano, a multimedia specialist, highly values the shift in how RCL’s salespeople sell: “Historically, our sales team worked behind desks in offices on each ship. With Showpad, they are able to personally connect with individual passengers anywhere on the ship, and create a much more positive customer experience
  • Showpad allowed RCL to create and present various collections, which included personalized content around excursions built according to a passenger’s preferences. These collections could then be emailed to passengers while they were still on the ship.


  • On-board excursion sales have increased by more than 25%.
  • Active selling time has increased by more than 50%.
  • Printing costs have dropped considerably since all content is now digital.
  • Training new salespeople happens faster and more effective.
  • The company’s image has improved and RCL can now effectively target digital-savvy guests as well.
  • Experienced salespeople no longer have to learn new workflows and systems each time they’re assigned to a new ship.
  • All on-board sales presentations are being recorded so RCL’s marketing and operations team can now identify which sales representatives are the most effective, and which need additional training.
  • Instead of getting bogged down with various cloud-based storage repositories (e.g. DropBox), ships efficiently send content to each other, or upload it to the company.
  • Passenger feedback after an excursion is being captured by a custom app and integrated into Showpad for analysis.
  • The company has experienced no technical issues or downtime. Stated Costantino: “We haven’t had a single incident or problem with Showpad since we started. It has never failed or gone down.”
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About Royal Caribbean

Founded: 1997
Location HQ: Miami, FL, USA
Industry: Hospitality
Employees: 64,000

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