Biocartis Implements Showpad's Sales Enablement Solution


Biocartis is an innovative commercial stage molecular diagnostics company that develops molecular diagnostic solutions to provide direct access to personalized medicine for patients worldwide. It aims to improve clinical practice for the benefit of patients, clinicians, payers and industry.

While transitioning into implementing a new platform to enable Sales can seem tedious, Biocartis found that not only was Showpad easy to use, it also helped them produce better content for their buyers.


"Showpad offers so many advantages that it’s quite easy to get everyone on board in the implementation of using this tool."

Video Transcript

What were some business challenges Biocartis was trying to overcome?

Our first commercial product was in September 2014 and we had many challenges of course. We did not have a digital Sales tool yet, we worked with brochures, emails, and PowerPoints, which of course is quite difficult to have updated all the time and, to have aligned communication with all the people working on the same product, and have the same goal in mind. We wanted a more unified solution, one suitable for Europe and the rest of the world. This is how we ended up using Showpad.

What are some of the benefits of using Showpad?

Showpad offers so many advantages that it’s quite easy to get everyone on board in the implementation of using this tool. Because before Showpad we were using emails, we were using PowerPoints, and different versions of brochures, and so on. It was such an advantage to use Showpad and have updated information available quick and easy. We saw the Sales force adapting this quite quickly.

What are your favorite Showpad features?

The features I like about Showpad is the fact that you can share information extremely easily and that you also can tailor it customer by customer. It’s also an excellent tool to use at conferences. We use it during the whole time instead of all this huge amount of printed brochures. If customers like to have more information, we can send it by using the Showpad tool.

What impact has Showpad had on Biocartis?

It’s clear that it’s an excellent tool that can be used by our Sales force and they are extremely happy to use it. It’s a tool that motivates and that makes it very easy to have an aligned communication through the whole Sales force. The efficiency of Sales meetings is an important aspect that we all have because you only have a couple of days where you have to transfer a huge amount of information. Showpad makes it  possible to have all the presentations up front.

So during product training, for example, our Sales teams all have the presentations already available on their Showpads and that saves us a lot of time and it also saves us a lot when making brochures, printouts, and so on.

For me, the ecological footprint is also a very important aspect and a main advantage of Showpad also. 

How do you use Showpad at trade shows and conferences?

We use Showpad a lot on conferences when we get questions of our customers at the boot. We have our traditional messages, but for any other specific questions we easily use Showpad and we immediately send the information to our customers. That is a very customer centric way of dealing with our customers.

What are some Showpad benefits?

My favorite thing about Showpad is that it’s a tool that really motivates our Sales force. It gives the possibility to give a very tailored, customer centric approach and it’s a great tool for Marketing to see what our customers like to read and where they put their focus on.

What are some of your company goals?

So we are still ramping up our business and we’re growing very fast. Therefore, a good communication tool is crucial to get an aligned communication within our total Sales force. So for sure, Showpad will stay a partner of ours.