How Blue Prism Uses Showpad to Train New Hires, Improve Sales Performance

Blue Prism

Blue Prism helps customers automate tasks to boost productivity via its pioneering and market-leading robotic process automation technology.

The company invested in Showpad to improve onboarding, training and strategic processes for its sales team.

Video Transcript

Why did Blue Prism decide to invest in sales enablement?

Blue Prism is the leader in robotic process automation — what we like to call “digital workers.” So it’s all about automating processes in the business to make them more accurate and faster. What’s driving Blue Prism to invest in sales enablement is that the RPA market in which we operate is exploding right now; there’s huge growth potential. We’re the leader in that space, and we want to remain the leader.

What challenges is Blue Prism trying to overcome with Showpad?

So I guess the top three challenges we’re looking to solve with the sales enablement function, number one: Get new sales hires productive as quickly as possible through our onboarding program. Number two: Make sure everyone understands what RPA is and what our value proposition is, and is able to articulate that consistently and with confidence. And thirdly, improve the sales motion overall through a clear sales process and greater visibility and relevancy in the c-suite with our customers.

What are some of the benefits to sales enablement?

So the three main benefits that the company’s leadership are looking for is, number one, improved sales performance, obviously. The whole point of sales enablement is to facilitate the sales motion and give people what they need. Number two is greater alignment between the different groups and organizations within the company so that we’re all driving towards a common goal. Number three is motivated and engaged employees in the salesforce, because if they have good tools that they enjoy using and they are getting access to the latest content and training that helps them to succeed against their business goals, then they’re going to want to stick around and do even better.