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Brady Corporation Experiences an Increase in Effectiveness Using Showpad

Now more than ever, businesses rely on technological tools and data to present high quality buyer experiences. Here’s how Brady Corporation increased Sales using the many valuable features Showpad has to offer.

Video Transcription

What challenges did Brady Corporation face before implementing Showpad?

The challenge was that instead of just being a walking and talking catalog, we needed a savvy tool, a very good tool, to make our pitch and do strong messaging in the market. So that’s actually what we have been looking for, when I started with Showpad.

The team consists of 16 Salespeople, 14 of which are completely new. New in the industry. So it was kind of a challenge to say how can we make the learning curve very short? How can we give strong messaging, and how can we create outstanding content.

Why Showpad?

Why I choose Showpad? Well actually it’s a funny story. One of my friends is the CIO of an important boring newspaper in Belgium, it’s the Tetes. He said, “Well, if you need something like this,” he said, “without any shadow of a doubt, use Showpad.” Now, why I liked it so much is that it looked and felt great. It looks very professional. It’s modular because you can direct it from different angles, from personas, from the market, from the solution. So it’s a very free model and very flexible. Also I liked the advice and support that Showpad and the team gave me here in Ghent.

Can you talk about Showpad adoption among your Sales team? 

The first start is very good, they all use on a daily basis and everybody embraces it.

Has Brady Corporation experienced an increase in effectiveness?

Every Sales call is going to be 20% more effective, because you can just use the data way better. Our Salespeople do around 15 to 20 Sales calls per week, and I think the preparation work has been cut by half.

How often are your sellers using Showpad? 

The development went rather quickly. All users just use it on a daily basis