Exponea & Showpad: The One-Stop-Shop Sales Enablement Platform


Al Graves, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Exponea had one goal. “We’re going to grow the business using Showpad.”

Watch along to understand how Showpad’s one-stop-shop sales enablement platform helped Exponea, a customer data (CDP) and marketing automation platform, to streamline its sales for growth.

Video Transcript

What is Exponea?

Exponea is a customer data and marketing analytics platform combined. What we do is, we have developed our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities just to boost the growth of our customers through marketing automation.

What challenges was Exponea trying to overcome with Showpad?

When we were looking at a platform for sales enablement, the three biggest challenges that we had were that we were growing very fast as an organization, so with such ambitious growth plans, the first one was all about how do we onboard all these new starters that we’re looking at taking on? Secondly, was once we’ve actually got these new people on board, and looking at our current sales team, how do we continue to develop them through training and coaching? And I guess the third one which was all the content and documentation that we had within the business. We had our legal team creating legal documents for various regions and it was how do we host that to make sure that it’s available and people can find it and use that content to help them through that process? Which left us to look at, is there a solution that gives us all of this all in one platform? That’s when we started to look at Showpad.

Why did you choose Showpad?

The real benefits of Showpad for Exponea had been very much in line with those three challenges that I was talking about previously. It gives us that ability to onboard people very very quickly, to increase the time to value of new sales reps as they join the business, regardless of what region they’re in.

How does Exponea use Showpad?

We’ve been using Showpad quite significantly in terms of sharing content documentation with our customers. Our sales team now know exactly how they can find all the relevant content and the documentation that they need. They’re also more significantly able to share that content with their customers.

What feedback have you received internally about Showpad?

We’ve actually had some fantastic feedback from clients. One very well known high street fashion brand, they actually commented through the sales journey and they said “Wow, this is fantastic! What is this sharing tool that you guys are using? We want to buy it.” I think that continually, we’re going to grow as a business but we’re going to grow using Showpad internally within the business also.