How IMI Precision Engineering Delivers a Better Buyer Experience with Showpad

IMI Precision Engineering

IMI Precision Engineering is a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies, designing and manufacturing technologies with precision, speed and reliability.

The company turned to Showpad to improve seller preparation and buyer engagement, all while providing its marketing team with valuable content-related insights.

"I think any business that doesn't invest in sales enablement may well not be here in a few years to come. It's absolutely vital to do."

Video Transcript

What challenges was IMI Precision Engineering trying to overcome with Showpad?

In terms of what are we trying to do within the organization, what challenges we’re trying to overcome, is making sure that our sales teams have the best tools at hand in order to be able to understand what the customer needs are and also be able to sell the value of our products and services to the customers.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad?

When we talk about business benefits that Showpad provides, it’s given our sales teams the confidence that they have the right content to hand to be able to share with their customers. But also the traceability of that content. Where is it going to? How is it being used? And not just from the point of view of our salespeople, when you think of our marketing teams who are creating some of this content, it’s fantastic for them now to finally get some feedback to say what works, what doesn’t work, what engages, what doesn’t engage – so we’re getting a bit smarter.

Why do you believe sales enablement is important?

I think any business that doesn’t invest in sales enablement may well not be here in a few years to come. It’s absolutely vital to do.