Impextraco Delivers Consistent Messaging

Impextraco Delivers Consistent Messaging

Impextraco Delivers Consistent Messaging

Impextraco develops and produces quality-assured feed ingredients that protect animals and increase their performance, while respecting animal welfare and sustainability. The company operates in over 90 countries, and has offices in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand and Nigeria.

Using Showpad, Impextraco was able to obtain control over their content and continue to expand their business.

Video Transcription:

Tell us about the process of implementing Showpad.

We have six offices as I said, and they are separated into two Sales teams. One is pure trading Sales, others just call and mail all over the world to get the best prices for our customers to trade the products that we have to distribute. We have technical Sales people who are almost all PhD’s in veterinary medicine, that tell our customers more technical knowledge about the products and help them with problems they have. So we sell them real solutions to their problems.

What were some of the  business challenges you faced before Showpad?

Many companies have like tons of brochures and leaflets. Many without dates from when they were or where to find them. Nobody really knew what we had, really.

Build vs. Buy

The first thing we did was look at building our own app. A real Impextraco app with all solutions built in, all the technical files all ready, to have our own app in the app store. We spoke to a lot of companies who build such apps, who develop them. It seemed that one, it was very expensive to keep them up to date and very difficult, very hard work. Every iOS update has to be followed up. So Showpad was the right solution for us because they do the backend management. They keep the thing running 24/7 on all devices, and we can do the content. That’s the whole point of having Showpad, of having such an app, that you can do the content and they can do the technical details.

What kinds of results has Impextraco seen after using Showpad?

Sales people are much more eager to share files and brochures to customers. Before, they were a bit reluctant to say or to give a company brochure or to give a specialty brochure, and now they just share it because it’s easy and free with Showpad. Now we know that they share the right logo, the right brochure, the right content. So that’s very important to us.

How will you expand your business using Showpad?

Of course we are going to expand our business because as I learned today, it’s grow or go. And we are evolving, we are growing. And the African market, for example, is a very large growing market, and we have now an office there. So as you know, Africa is a continent that uses mobile phones, tablets, a lot more than computers. I think that the Salespeople there will rely on Showpad to get the information to the customer.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad?

One, all our assets and documents are now documented. Our documents are in nice overview, so that’s good for us. Two, everybody uses the same assets and documents from Brazil to China. So that’s also nice to know that everybody uses the right documents. And I think now though, the last part is, everybody knows what we have because they see it on Showpad. They’re more eager to share. That’s good for Sales and it’s good for our company.