Johnstone Supply Grows Business with Showpad

Johnstone Supply

Johnstone Supply is a one-stop shop for a variety of options in unitary and specialty equipment, repair and replacement parts, and maintenance supplies for residential, light commercial, refrigeration and facilities maintenance.


“Sales reps can now provide their customers with a more thorough product offering. They are now equipped to close larger deals.”

Video Transcript

What were the business challenges Johnstone Supply faced before implementing Showpad?

At Johnstone Supply one of our biggest challenges has been making the customer experience more consistent from store group to store group because of the different ownership of those groups.

What are some of the benefits to using Showpad Content?

We were excited to know that we can track content. Every Marketing person thinks that every piece of content that they create is successful, but that’s not actually the case. There’s no way to know it unless you literally track the metrics on the usage. How many times was it opened? how many times was it seen? how many times was it passed along to someone else? That was truly our key benefit to using Showpad.

Would you recommend Showpad to others?

If someone came to me and asked, “Why should I use Showpad?” I would hands down recommend Showpad for the ability to organize content in the way that forwarded the incentives of our business.

Which department did Showpad impact the most?

Showpad probably has had the most impact on the Sales people themselves. It’s important to the owners, it’s important to the branch managers to have Showpad as a vehicle to send content to customers. The Sales people themselves are thrilled to not have to carry along printed material, they’re thrilled to be able to line up their work week, digitally, and they’re thrilled to be able to send material to their customers after they’ve had conversations.